International Volunteerism

It’s that time of year again! In recent years, I have become very invested in giving back to the global community through service trips throughout the world. In 2010, I traveled to India with Rotary’s End Polio Now initiative, and was given the opportunity to immunize children in rural India against Polio. I am in awe of Rotary’s tremendous efforts to eradicate polio.

In 2011, I traveled to Nicaragua with a group of Rotarian medical and dental professionals. Throughout our trip, we provided medical and dental services to the community of Chinandega. The people of Chinandega captured my heart and I was honored to be able to contribute to their well-being in some small way through provision of dental services. These people literally live in and derive their livelihood from a local dump. Learn more about them here – I am sure they will capture your heart, too!

I am excited to return to Nicaragua in 3 weeks for our 2012 visit. I look forward to reconnecting with the many special people that call Chinandega home. And I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to the global community thanks to the dental clinic Michigan Rotary Clubs have set up in this Nicaraguan village. I am proud to bring my wife and some staff members along on this exciting and humbling journey! I look forward to sharing my stories with you in the coming months. 

-Dr. Noel Jackson

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Rotarian Physicians Group, Annual Trip Helps The Poor in Chinandega, Nicaragua

Just wanted to share one of our adventures from this year!

In effort to help those less fortunate, once again this spring, a team of Rotarians embarked to a small medical office in Nicaragua in the Village of Chinandega. Dr. Richard Nykiel, Dr. Noel Jackson, Dr. Charles Zammit, Dr. Mike Sims who are professional dentists, along with Dr. John Bodell, Medical Doctor, spent a week on their own time and at their own expense to provide dental and medical services to those in the Chinandega Village and surrounding areas.

Each dentist saw between 15-20 patients a day and services ranged from tooth restoration to root canals and retractions. Dr. Bodell completed many gall bladder and hernia surgeries where patients often left on foot or by taxi following the procedure and short recovery.

“It was another awesome experience in culture and assisting others in need.” Said Noel Jackson, DDS. “I feel so satisfied that I was able to save several teeth by performing root canals and helping smiles return by restoring teeth that would have otherwise had to been pulled.”

Many of the doctors brought along family members and assistants for the trip. Debbie Jackson (Noel Jackson’s wife) came along and used her organizational talents to re-vamp the medical supply closet. She labeled materials and re-arranged supplies in an easily functioning manor. Others assisted in procedures and other office duties.

Along with their 10-12 hour days at the clinic, the group did take time to tour the village and were treated to a musical performance at the Performing Arts Theater along with a tour of a school for the blind. The team also visited the very horrific dump, were families live and eat as garbage trucks left their waste. Efforts by Rotary International are being planned to help combat  this widespread and dangerous life style.

For more information about Trenton Rotary visit the web site

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Get Rid Of The Metal Mouth!

We have been seeing many problems with the metal fillings these days. One of the biggest complains are that the fillings got sensitive or sections of the tooth just broke off, without the patient experiencing any pain. In earlier years, dentists didn’t see a need to do anything, at least when no decay was present.  Today we often still hear:  “My metal fillings are lasting very well”, but in reality the supporting tooth is badly damaged or cracked. These teeth often break while eating pudding, bread or a patient treated the other day had cracked it on one M and M.

After careful removal of these old metal fillings, big cracks are often seen in the remaining tooth structure indicating areas of high stress. Some teeth are badly discolored teeth after removal of the old metal filling. Many cracks are also present under high magnification
due to the expansion and shrinkage of metal over time.

Many times these areas are just filled in again using white resin. This time a white filling is used to bond the tooth together. In the presence of cracks under the new filling, pain still exists. Drinking hot or cold drinks (temperature difference) or biting down would result in movement of these cracks and therefore more pain.

Dentists that use ceramic fillings know that these cracks must be removed before a new
filling is placed.

All cracks and crack lines are removed and any blue staining from previous metal
fillings are cleaned out.

The new ceramic filling needs a new solid foundation where no movement takes place.

A new life is given to the tooth. With ceramic there is no blue staining, no more cracks, and white healthy new look.

So remember, next time you replace your metal fillings or have to get a big restoration,
insist on ceramic, at our office we just do this as part of our protocol.

My Best,

Noel Jackson, DDS


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White Teeth To Look and Feel Years Younger!

If you have yellowed, stained, or otherwise discolored teeth, whitening can make your smile, and your overall image, appear years younger. From whitening toothpaste to professionally whitened teeth, modern teeth bleaching systems are extremely popular.  As a reminder to keep your smile bright, you can rely on teeth whitening programs, but you might also consider limiting your intake of the worst discoloring foods and beverages, including:


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